ERP benefitting companies much more than before

  • Improves information access and management
  • Standardise HR information
  • hroughout the enterprise
  • Provides a unified customer database usable by all applications
  • Enables quick response to change in business operations and marketconditions
  • Improves timeliness of information by permitting daily posting instead ofmonthly
  • Reduce paper documents by providing on-line formats for quickly enteringand retrieving information
  • Faster response and follow-.up on customers
  • Better monitoring and quicker resolution of queries
  • Assists in achieving competitive advantage by improving its business process

ERP Development
The effectiveness of ERP Development in India leading to a much facilitated business processing.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a systematic information system that facilitates the flow of information and coordinates all resources and activities within the organization. ERP Development India aims at providing solutions that are effective for reducing costs through improving efficiencies and decision making. A number of wide varieties of business activities including sales, marketing, billing, production, inventory management, human resource management, and quality control depend on these systems. The ERP system implies a centralized database and usually relies on a common computing platform providing the user a unified, consistent, uniform environment.

In a cutting edge competition in business world today there is a demand for measures like Aggressive cost control initiatives, Need to analyze costs on a product or customer basis, flexibility to respond to changing business requirements, more informed management decision making and changes in ways of doing business. ERP has evolved from the system known as Manufacturing Requirement planning system with the integration of information between vendor, customer and manufacturer using networking.

What is the use of ERP for companies?

  • Integrate financial information
  • Reduce inventory
  • Integrate customer order information
  • Standardise and speed up manufacturing processes
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