Paid SearchStrategy

Paid search strategy: a complementary drive to your inbound marketing efforts.

You must have heard about the two common terms “paid search” and “organic search”. Both are related to SERM i.e. search engine marketing but are entirely distinct. Organic search is based on unpaid natural rankings determined by the search engine algorithms. On the contrary the paid search refers to a paid process to have your website displayed on the search engine results page (SERP). The SERP will display the ads created by you to direct viewers to your site, and the fee you pay is usually based on either clicks on or views of these ads. According to the research, most user clicks are on form the organic search rather the paid ones. It not at all refers that one should not go for paid search. All those websites who do not stand good in search engine rankings alone with the organic searches they must opt for paid search. It is not the replacement for anything but you can extract out of it.

In a cutting edge competition in business world today there is a demand for measures like Aggressive cost control initiatives, Need to analyze costs on a product or customer basis, flexibility to respond to changing business requirements,more informed management decision making and changes in ways of doing business.

ERP has evolved from the system known as Manufacturing Requirement planning system with the integration of information between vendor, customer and manufacturer using networking.

How does Paid Search help?

  • It can be effectively used to test the landing page of your website. Thereby, generating more traffic.
  • It enables you to find new and relevant keywords for your page through Search Terms Report.
  • It helps you to get into the competition with others in search engine rankings with other paid ads.

How Paid search strategy India works?

Since you’re paying for every click so you have to invest in what gives you the best return. This is paid search strategy. Now there are some tricks and tips to get over the edgy competition in paid search strategy.

One of the most popular paid search option is Google AdWords where you create campaigns using keywords that are specific as possible, as broad keyword terms are not only the most expensive per click, they are also less likely to bring you highly targeted traffic. Paid searches are all about getting the right people to access your site rather than a large amount of traffic. You can create campaigns either using a URL as a starting point, for which Google will suggest you ad group ideas and keywords, or you can conduct your own keyword research. The most effective ads are those that your users connect with emotionally. They have a title that describes exactly what you are offering and a short description that expands the opportunity. To take full advantage of paid search you must not neglect the popular search engines Yahoo and Bing. They cost you comparatively less than Google.

Ad retargeting or popularly known as red marketing uses a cookie-based technology to keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after a user leaves your website. This increases the chance that the user will return to your site, and in turn improves the opportunity to convert this user into a customer. Thus it indirectly increases traffic to your site but not as the fresh ones.

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© 2019 Techsaga Corporations All Rights Reserved, A Unit of Wetechsaga Corporations Pvt. Ltd.