Increase Paid Traffic

Successful ways to increase paid traffic to your website

A fantastic blend of organic and paid search can surely give you the remarkable achievement in promoting your website. In organic search even if you are not getting the desired results, nothing is at expense from your end. But when you pay you need the ultimate results. If you’re hoping that more traffic to your site will also result in more sales, you’ll need to target high commercial intent keywords as part of your paid search strategies. Just give a look to some of these popular ways to increase paid traffic India:

  • Social Media Ads: The social media websites offer valuable demographics and info graphics that enable webmasters to buy space and show their messages to highly targeted audiences. Selecting the appropriate social media network and form of advertising is extremely important to ensure the success of the campaign.
  • Banner Advertising: Create an attractive ad banner and place it on high traffic and relevant websites. This will help you maximize your click through rate and your conversion rate. Webmasters should try to make their banner attractive by making using of catchy navigation, attractive typography and flaunting images depicting the central theme of the Ad.
  • Newsletters with Advertisements: you can opt for paid ad space in Newsletters which have a good reputation and a bulk of subscribers.
  • Opt-in Emails: Marketers can go for opt-in-emails to increase the leads of their business. But ensure to use original content and avoid any misleading information else it would be registered as spam.s
  • PPC – pay per click: Text, display or video ads with a pay per click pricing model is a convenient and effective tool to support your online business efforts.
  • Sponsorships: getting the sponsorship for events, advertisements and blogs can get you more traffic and can promote your brand as well.
  • Paid Article and Press Release services: you can submit your best articles and press releases to niche submission directories and news websites and portals to increase exposure and traffic to your site. But you must ensure to use impactful content that is worth reading by the users.
  • Paid Listings: get your website featured on reputed directories on paid basis. This will help you give a wide exposure and traffic. Most of the directories ask you to submit a few write ups of your website which would undergo monitoring. Thereby they enlist your website to their home pages, categorically.
  • Blog Reviewing: A paid review is a useful approach especially when you want to inform people for a new product or service. But remember to keep the quality of the products and services up to the standard level so as to avoid receiving negative reviews for your website
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