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How Social Media can transform your online business

We Will Help You Speak Louder:

We target all social media platforms. From Facebook (1 trillion users) to Twitter (16% US citizens use it actively), from Pinterest (the visual sensation) to Google linkedIn and YouTube, we leave no rock unturned.

We Will Help You Get Your Target Audience:

Every business has its target audience. Techsaga Corporations knows that your business requires individual attention and it has different audience. We help you achieve your target audience locally as well as internationally.

We Offer You Individual Attention:

Every business is unique. In social media we cannot run all media campaigns with one standard strategy. We have no single formula strategy. Our professionals study your business thoroughly and then cultivate an individual social media plan for your business.

We Manage Your Reputation:

On social media rapport building plays a very important role. We believe it’s our responsibility to take care of your company’s reputation. We consistently follow all of the social media platforms actively. No comment is left unanswered no misleading.

We Help You Get International Recognition:

Exposure and access to the target audience and to target market is essential for successful survival of any business. We help you get the fame and recognition that was once reserved for presidents, prime ministers, Rock stars and sports men. Be prepared to see your business on top.

Dedication, Serious Effort and Positive Results

We on Techsaga Corporations know that social media is a platform that if triggered rightly can generate hundreds and thousands of leads. At the same time, it is one of the most time consuming internet marketing strategies. Due to this reason, most of the social media marketers do the business in haste.

Techsaga Corporations Believes Social Media Is a Mixture of SEO:

Social media does not work alone. Instead social media marketing never neglects its brothers SEO and content marketing. For example, all of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or YouTube need content in one or the other form. Moreover, it is essential that the keywords should be placed in such a way that your social media posts should come on at least second or third search engine page.

My Marketer Has Badly Ruined Social Media Marketing:

A badly operated social media marketing does more harm than good, especially in these days when there is cut throat competition between rivals. However, there is always space for creative ideas and original work. Our professional team will help fix your social media blunders. We will also take care of your rapport building with your customers and followers. We guarantee you positive results, after all hard work always pays back!

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization/SMO India is a relatively established concept that has turned the face of website marketing. By getting the social media attention from the virtual world, you will gain in the process as this will improve your ranking and also help you derive more back links through the campaign. Also the footprints of online social networking can make your virtual presence more visible and consistent in nature.

We make SMO an essentially effective concept for your web traffic requirements that will help you take a direct ladder to success. Our informative content coupled with other methodologies will definitely help you draw viral traffic to your website.

SMO methodology is more inclined towards a unique traffic generating approach. This is majorly possible because of the general details that a person inputs about self at a social networking site. As per the records, SMO makes use of this particular traffic and converts it into a promotional platform simultaneously attracting viral traffic. We consider Social media optimization as a barrier breaking medium which will bring more visibility to your content as it will be easier to find, distribute and share it amongst SM user groups.

With our social media optimization methodology, we treat your company as the key resource of this industry and also as an expert. For your absolute satisfaction, we have worked out ways that can keep you updated about your progress by the means of regular reports.

Our Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • Facebook page integration, Management and Optimization
  • Twitter account integration, Management and Optimization
  • YouTube video production and optimization
  • Branding and Reputation Management
  • Blog Creations, Development and Management
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